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House party events in Santa Cruz, Ca


  CHOOSE your own adventure, don't be confined to it.



A Sala Soirée is an experience like no other. 


You'll spend an evening meeting like-minded adventurous people in Santa Cruz, Ca.


Both locals or travelers looking for fun and exciting things to do will find it at a one of our amazing soirées! Listen to talented local musicians, meet Santa Cruz winemakers, dine with your favorite pro-surfer. No need to dine alone at restaurants any longer! Join us for a party tonight!




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If you are interested in hosting a Sala Soirée, please check out our hosting page at the top of the website.  We'd love to meet you!

If you're interested in attending a Sala Soirée, please go through the specific event you would like to attend.  Thank you for making us a success, we could not do anything without you!